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FUGOO + Tough wins “Best Bluetooth Speaker” from TopTen Reviews on their 2014 Bluetooth Speakers Review

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Fugoo Tough XL Review: Virtually Indestructible Bluetooth Speaker With Great Sound

"The Fugoo Tough XL packs a serious sonic punch, not just in sheer volume, but in sound quality as well. In general it was well-balanced sound, with more than enough volume to dominate a living room or to DJ an outdoor gathering. Another way they stand out from the pack is the large collection of accessories. There are some excellent speakers in the $300 range, but the Fugoo Tough XL holds its own against most of them when it comes to audio performance and I can't think of any in that group that also offer the same battery life or the virtual indestructibility of the Tough XL."

Fugoo Tough & Fugoo XL Bluetooth Speaker Torture Test Review with 4X4 Landrover

"Product reviewer and torturer extraordinaire George Fielding puts the Fugoo Sport XL and Fugoo Tough through several wet and muddy tests - including strapping them onto a Land Rover and driving them through what is known as a "little puddle" in Devon, England. The Tough is then driven over several times, in the mud and after being flung onto the pavement."

Fugoo Tough XL: Rugged, waterproof, dust proof, power bank and loaded with 8 speakers

"The Fugoo XL is a symbol of excellence and master craftsmanship. When you think of quality, Fugoo is a name that needs to come to mind. The Fugoo XL is just the second product from a company that is making waves in the Bluetooth speaker sector. As of right now, Fugoo doesn't make anything other than two speakers, which means they can focus 100% of their attention on perfecting those speakers and they have achieved nothing short of that. With unmatched durability, sound reproduction and battery life the Fugoo XL should be on your wish-list and is a must see item at Best Buy. It will literally blow your socks off."

Bigger is better: Fugoo XL Sport - 5/5 Star Rating

"Simply stated, the Fugoo XL definitely fits into the bigger-is-better category. Firstly, the battery life on the Fugoo XL is unparalleled. The competition can't even come close. I have actually submerged this three hundred dollar speaker into a tub of water. The results were eye-poppingly cool. Instead of something bad happening, the speaker just continued to play, splashing water away as the beat-heavy Chemical Brothers streamed off my phone."

Fugoo Tough XL: Bluetooth Speakers

"Fugoo's original Tough speaker is a beast, with its armored aluminum-and-rubber case and a sealed design that left it unscathed after our most abusive tests. The XL version has a larger footprint than the original, plus more tweeters and the ability to keep playing, even underwater."

It's built like a tank. It's stout, sturdy, and just made to take a beating

"The Fugoo XL is probably the best-sounding super-robust speaker that you can buy right now. If you need something that you don't have to baby in the slightest — something you can brutalize, even — this is the way to go. It sounds better than the UE MEGABOOM, and is more durable than the JBL Xtreme. It's kind of the perfect medium between sound and durability, really. And it's got incredible battery life."

A small Bluetooth speaker that raises the bar - Editor's Choice 2015

"Fugoo's Bluetooth speaker is an easy choice for listeners looking for an unbeatable value. The full sound performance and seemingly everlasting battery life are well ahead of what its competition is capable of." 5/5 star rating

Fugoo Style XL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

"Fugoo markets this speaker very clearly as one that excels in outdoor, active, social settings, and the Style XL delivers on that promise. Between its strong sound, ruggedness, and long battery life, Style XL shines. If you're looking for a durable Bluetooth speaker that you can bring directly from the living room to the ski slopes, the Style XL should be high on your list."

FUGOO Sport XL Bluetooth Speaker Review

"I've used and seen portable bluetooth speakers that claim they are waterproof, snow proof, mud proof, etc, but most have manuals that warn you not to really put that to the test. The Fugoo however shows you in the marketing materials and manual how to really use the device in your daily adventures, without asterisks."

FUGOO SPORT XL REVIEW - Editor's Choice 2015

"Does it live up to our expectations? You-know… I'm just going to spoil it and say, yeah it totally does!" 9.2/10 rating

Featured Review: FUGOO Tough XL Bluetooth Speaker

"When it comes to the Bluetooth speaker market, there is a massive selection currently on offer. That said, not all speakers are created equal and while some offer a more sleek design or added additional digital perks, there are some which are simply born tough. The Tough XL from FUGOO is a prime example of this type of speaker."

Fugoo Style XL: Big, Loud and Tough

"There's a place for small and cheap portable speakers, but when you really want to hear your tunes, you need to go big. The new Fugoo Style XL is the perfect example of this, retaining its predecessor's ruggedness and long battery life while making the sound bigger and better." 9/10 rating

FUGOO sport speaker - a premium product

"The FUGOO Sport boasts an impressive 40 hours of battery life at 50% volume. Now, I’ve had the speaker for a while now and still have not been able to kill it off its initial charge. It gets loud enough to fill my very open concept house so we don’t really have to crank it much past 50% so battery life has been excellent."

Digital Trends Includes FUGOO tough in roundup of the best bluetooth speakers

"Taking a different approach to a weatherproof speaker, Fugoo created a base speaker that includes a set of “jackets” to offer different levels of protection from moisture or impacts, as well as different mounting options. The Tough has great Bluetooth integration with Siri and Google Now, plus impressively loud, balanced sound."

iPhone Life gives the Fugoo Sport a 5 star review

iPhone Life has given the Fugoo Sport 5 out of 5 stars in a review titled "Serious Speakers are Sporty, Splashproof, and Ready for Summer." The reviewer praises its sound quality and durability.

  • At CES, Fugoo drenched their speakers in water and they kept on rocking!
  • They are heavy, which means they won't get knocked around and are great for the patio, poolside, or camping. If you want something lighter, you might want to consider cheaper Bluetooth speakers, but those typically offer cheaper sound, too.
  • Most importantly, the Fugoo speakers offer great sound.
  • If you need a waterproof, reliable set of wireless speakers, these are the best I've found. It's no wonder that Fugoo was honored by iPhone Life with a Best of Show Award at CES 2015.

Fugoo TOUGH and SPORT Bluetooth Speakers

"The Fugoo is in its own league for its ability to transform with three different jackets, and a crazy battery life of 40 hours. Most travel speakers have a battery life of around 10 hours, which I thought was good, but 40 is off the charts and really nice if you will be far from electricity for extended periods."

Fugoo Style is the Perfect Combination of Design & Function

"The Fugoo Style is a simply elegant option for waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Being a part of the Fugoo line, it has a very unique design. It comes in two parts – the Core and the Jacket."


"FUGOO, creators of the toughest, longest lasting portable Bluetooth speaker in its weight class, is happy to announce their sponsorship of the Team Dirt Candy Graphics for the remainder of the 2015 Monster Energy AMA Supercross season."

MommyTechTv Goes Hands-On with the Rugged FUGOO Speaker Collection

"Gary Elsasser of FUGOO gave MommyTech TV’s Andrea Smith a look at the Fugoo XL. The new, larger version of the Fugoo Style is looking to power your next pool party with eight drivers spread out across both sides of the speaker, producing sound that emanates in all directions."

Top Picks From CES 2015

" While this year’s CES was arguably a bit mild for Android fans, there were actually several noteworthy products shown off last week, including FUGOO's new line of bigger, louder XL speakers"

Envisioneering announces top ShowStoppers @ CES 2015 Innovation & Design Award Winners

After six weeks of careful deliberation by five judges in North America and Europe, industry research firm Envisioneering today tapped 31 upstart entrepreneurs and industry leading companies breaking new ground in technologies for work, home and play - including the FUGOO XL multi-driver bluetooth speakers.

Fugoo Sports XL Speaker

"Heavy is the head that wears the crown. The original Fugoo was crowned the world’s toughest wireless speaker, and while most brands would be more than happy with that title, Fugoo knew it needed to continue innovated. That’s where the Fugoo Sports XL Speaker comes into play."

Durable, Rugged Sound! Fugoo Sports XL Speaker

"Lets be real for a second. We all want our music with us at all times, it changes the mood of everything and brings out the best in us. Well we’ve seen a number of unique portable speakers that allow you to take your sounds and favorite music, loudly, wherever you are headed, but nothing quite like the Fugoo Sports XL Speaker."

Fugoo Announces The XL, A Beast Of A Speaker That's Four Times Larger Than The Original

"The Fugoo XL is four times the size of the original Fugoo, making it pretty dang big. To go along with that big size, it's got eight total drivers - four tweeters, two drivers, and two bass drivers. If it's anything like its little brother, that means it's going to sound great. And it should be stupid-loud, too."

CES 2015: Fugoo XL Hands-on, where we get to see just how waterproof it is

"A few days ago, we shared the announcement of the Fugoo XL at CES 2015, the updated, bigger and better version of last year’s Fugoo speaker. Well, today, we got up close and personal with the new speaker, and we’re here to share some of the photos."

Fugoo Clutch Style Speaker Gets Larger and Tougher

"The new Fugoo XL is just that, packed with eight acoustic drivers, up from six, that combine to provide 24 watts of power. Specifically, we’re looking at four neodymium tweeters, two neodymium aluminum domed mid-woofers, and two passive radiators. Those eight drivers are spread out on all four sides of the Fugoo XL at slight eight-degree angles to achieve Fugoo’s version of 360 degree sound."

Fugoo XL: New waterproof Bluetooth speaker offers 35 hours of battery life

For its second speaker, Fugoo has gone bigger with the Fugoo XL, which also comes in a few different options with two new jacket styles. The new model is larger, plays louder and is fully waterproof (IP67 certified).

The original Fugoo had impressive battery life and this model is rated as offering up to a whopping 35 hours of continuous music at moderate volume levels.

Fugoo goes grande: Introducing the XL

"This just in!!! Fugoo, the company that makes what I have suggested is the best Bluetooth speaker on the market today, has come out with something new for 2015, and since you are not at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), you get to learn about it here. Today, Fugoo announced something big, and that something is the Fugoo XL."

FUGOO featured in the iLounge show report.

"Fugoo introduced its new XL ($300-330) speaker, which comes in three different styles — Sport XL, Style XL, and Tough XL. It looks like Fugoo's last speaker, but much bigger. It's four times as large and twice as loud. The waterproof speaker can float, and it also claims to get an extremely impressive 35 hours of battery life. XL contains 8 speakers with 24W of power — it should be released in April."

CES 2015: Fugoo XL clutch style Bluetooth speaker to enjoy music everywhere

"Although Bluetooth wireless speakers provide us a convenient way to enjoy music anywhere, but most of them are not suitable for everywhere. Just a splash of water or slight hit on the ground might completely damage them. That’s where the latest Fugoo XL clutch style Bluetooth speaker comes into play. However it retains most technicalities of its predecessor (Fugoo clutch style speaker), but comparatively the XL version is larger and tougher."

Fugoo XL Bluetooth speaker can survive underwater

There’s nothing like a good demo to drive home a point. The representatives at Fugoo plunged their latest wireless Bluetooth speaker, the Fugoo XL, into a tank of water in front of me.

It was a demo at the 2015 International CES, the big tech trade show last week in Las Vegas. Fugoo says the wireless Bluetooth speaker is rugged enough to withstand mud, snow, water, and shock.

The Fugoo Is the Toughest Bluetooth Speaker Money Can Buy

"The FUGOO Is the Toughest Bluetooth Speaker Money Can Buy. There is no shortage of portable bluetooth speakers on the market - but none of them are as tough as the FUGOO."

The Fugoo was designed to handle anything you can throw at it. It’s waterproof in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes. No need for caps or covers over the USB or audio ports. It’s all sealed up. It’s also sand and snow proof.

ABC News - The Year of the Gadget

TV tech expert Dick DeBartolo featured Fugoo on the national news show, ABC World News Now (viewership: 8,520,000) as one of his top picks of 2014. The host remembers him demo'ing and dunking the speaker on the show previously, but this time he includes video footage from when he dropped it in the Hudson River!

Fugoo Bluetooth speaker differentiates with 40hr battery, incredible waterproofing and robust ecosystem
  • "The Fugoo speaker deserves to be at the top of any Best Bluetooth speaker list."
  • "No one has the type of battery life this thing does nor is anyone else as shock and water/dust proof and still sounding really good. That it comes in a small drop-proof package is a huge bonus. Set it and forget it."
  • "The Fugoo can actually be submerged and still play music underwater up to a meter. It somehow does this without those annoying port coverings over the MicroUSB charging and AUX input ports."
  • "The mic for speakerphone calls is also first class and callers on the other end didn’t complain of echoes like they often do with lesser quality speakers."
  • "You very comfortably could take this on a long weekend trip and pass on bringing the charger."


Hands down this is the best Bluetooth speaker for those who love the outdoors. This thing can take a beating and still play all your favorite jams. A number of runners took this Bluetooth speaker through the 12+ mile Tough Mudder race and loved it. The Fugoo took all the hits, and the loads of mud like a champ. And did I mention you get 40+ hours of music off one charge? Impressive.

Supersized Fugoo XL Wireless Speaker Can Get Wet

The new Fugoo XL series was announced at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show is larger and louder, ruggedized, and 100 percent waterproof, according to the company. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the new speaker has quadruple the wattage, and two new jacket styles that float.

CES 2015: Fugoo XL is a line of larger and louder weatherproof speakers

Fugoo’s newest rugged and waterproof Bluetooth speaker is set to make a splash in Las Vegas for CES 2015. The Fugoo XL, features 8 acoustic drivers, 24 watts of audio power, new changeable jacket styles that float, and it will play for 35 hours on a single charge. Like all Fugoo speakers, the XL is designed for the outdoor enthusiast; it is 100% waterproof, shockproof, dust-proof and snow-proof.

FUGOO Bolsters Bluetooth Streaming Line With FUGOO XL Series.

The new Fugoo XL series was announced at Las Vegas' Consumer Electronics Show is larger and louder, ruggedized, and 100 percent waterproof, according to the company. Featuring Bluetooth connectivity, the new speaker has quadruple the wattage, and two new jacket styles that float.

FUGOO tough Last Gadget Standing review
FUGOO XL in Last Gadget Standing

" They are the speaker of choice for people who want to take their music outdoors. They offer a great mix of features not found on any others. The new Fugoo XL adds more drivers and wattage for those that like it even louder. It is the ONLY speaker that lets you change its look and durability with different jackets "

Fugoo XL Bluetooth Speaker Offers Bigger Bass

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but we don’t see many that are rugged and meant for the ultimate outdoorsman. FUGOO has a solution with its line of Bluetooth speakers that are waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. Fugoo announced the XL at CES, taking the smaller version and making it larger, with more tweeters, heavier bass, and all-around louder audio.

FUGOO tough Gizmodo review
9 Wild Gifts For Outdoors Men And Women

As a part of their holiday gift guide for outdoor lovers, the Fugoo Tough was featured as the FIRST product in in their round-up, highlighting the speakers exceptional battery life and durability. Pricing was listed for the Sport and Style, not the tough, but there’s a link to Amazon, so anyone interested can learn more and select the jacket that works best for them.

Fugoo Announces their Larger Fugoo XL Bluetooth Speakers at CES 2015

"These speakers are completely waterproof, and even shock proof and snow proof. Which is definitely nice to have in a speaker. The Fugoo Style XL and Sport XL will be priced at $299, while the Tough XL will be $329. And if they are anything like the Fugoo Style and Sport from last year, it’ll definitely be worth the price."

FUGOO Outdoor Speaker Review
Fugoo announces the Fugoo XL range, including the Style, Sport and Tough at CES 2015
  • At this year’s CES, Fugoo is announcing an update to that Bluetooth speaker with the Fugoo XL, a much bigger deal.
  • It's about “4 times the size of our current speakers”. In real terms, that equates to an 11-inch core speaker that is 4-inches high, and 3-inches wide.
  • The size allows the Fugoo XL to pack in a lot more equipment, with the core housing 8 audio drivers (up from 6) and 24 watts of power (up from 6) meaning it will be much louder than before.

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